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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zombie Strippers

Review by 42nd Street Pete

2008 Directed by Jay Lee. Starring Robert Englund & Jenna Jameson

I was prepared to hate this movie, but it was actually a lot of fun. It's in the future, Bush is in his 4th term, his VP is Arnold, we are fighting wars all over the world and strip clubs have gone underground. Someone has developed a "virus"and the army is called out to get rid of the flesh eating zombies it creates. Of course a soldier is bitten, then hides in an underground strip club run by Robert Englund. He bites stripper Kat (Jena Jameson). She comes back to life and two things happen: She dances better and is smarter dead than she was alive.

As a dead stripper, she is a hit and the money just rolls in. Problem is that she eats one of the patrons during a lap dance. Englund and crew lock up the re-animated pervs in a basement cell. The other strippers want to rake in the big bucks, so they all turn zombie. The club is packed, but the basement is rapidly filling up with lap dance victims.

This is a really funny movie. Some of the stuff is really over the top, especially the zombie stripper showdown in which Jenna fires cue balls out of her pussy, decapitating some patrons. As in real life, the dead strippers are a lot smarter than the guys who come to see them. Jenna is pretty good here and may have a career in B Movies after she finishes up in the jiz bizz.

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