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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

True Blood - Episode 4: "Escape from Dragon House"

Review by Alyson

I'm getting really into the "True Blood" theme Suburban Vampire by country singer Jace Everett – what a good way to start a show. Check it out if you aren't watching.

This week one of the girls that works at the bar is found dead, and of course with vampire bite marks since she was a fang banger. Jason is suspected of her death since he slept with her right before her demise, but he's innocent. On his way to the sheriff's station Jason drinks the entire vile of vampire blood he has which leaves him with an erection that warrants an emergency room visit.

Sookie has Bill take her to the local vampire bar "Fangtasia" (vampires love puns!) to find information about the recently slain girls.

And finally, Sam lets himself into the dead girl's apartment and while wearing rubber gloves, rolls around in her sheets sniffing them.

Things just keep getting weirder.

Jason isn't a vampire yet, but I'm still betting on him being changed very soon. I also suspect that my favorite, Bill isn't going to be around for long. I'd like to see what "True Blood" will do then to keep my attention.

There was an instance of super fast vampire running in this episode and it was kind of weird looking since you couldn't see their feet. It looked like floating, but if you could see the effect on the feet it would have probably been really cheesy looking.

There was also a very short, gory, bathroom feeding sequence that was badass.

I'd like to do a retrospective episode rating system. On a scale of 1-5: Episode 1 = 4, Episode 2 = 3, Episode 3 = 4.5, and now I'll give Episode 4 a 4 out of 5. Check back next week to see if Episode 5 can get a 5, I hope so.

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