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Monday, October 6, 2008

Dexter - Season 3, Episode 2: “Finding Freebo”

“Dexter” Season 3, Episode 2: “Finding Freebo”

Review by Alyson

Last week Dexter accidentally killed Oscar Prado, brother of Miguel Prado (Jimmy Smits!) while trying to kill murderous drug dealer, Freebo. Freebo is now the prime suspect in the case and is being hunted by Miami Metro and Dexter. Freebo has seen Dexter and our favorite serial killer must catch him before the police.

Rita is desperately trying to get dear Daddy Dexter to talk to her about their future child. Dexter is distracted by the thoughts of spawning what could turn into a little monster like him.

Miguel Prado, knowing that Dexter has an interest in his brother’s murder starts to bond with him. So, when Prado finds Dexter leaving a garage after killing Freebo, he quickly decides that Dexter avenged his brother’s death. Dexter told him it was self defense after he followed a forensics lead. They now share a secret no one can find out about.

This episode penned by Melissa Rosenberg (how happy I am that both “Dexter” and the “Twilight” feature are in good hands), doesn’t disappoint on the foul language front. There’s even a frat party with lots of “ho” dialogue, including “ho-pad,” my new favorite term.

Every time there is a sensitive scene between former lovers Prado and Laguerta there is acoustic Spanish guitar in the background and that’s starting to be the element I notice most in those scenes.

I am ready for everything to start unfolding in the next few episodes.

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