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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dexter - Season 3, Episode 1: “Our Father”

Review by Alyson

Dear, deadly Dexter is back to delight the dark passenger that dwells inside us all. Dexter’s first target this season is a drug dealer that has killed two girls. After buying some product from the dealer and scoping out his lair, Dexter shows up to do the deed only to find another man is holding a knife to the dealer. Dexter gets into a rumble with the man with the knife, kills him and runs away.

It turns out the man who was killed worked with a youth organization and was brother to prosecutor Miguel Prado. Prado is played by the only man that could follow a Carradine: Jimmy Smits! While under suspicion of Prado, Dexter must help piece together the murder.

Deb got a haircut and is dying to get her detective shield, while my buddy Angel is promoted to Sergeant. Internal Affairs is trying to get Deb to find some info on a new officer she works with and is bribing her with a detective’s shield.

Rita and the kids are happy and content; Rita is glowing and is in what seems to be constant post-coital bliss. She realizes that she must be pregnant! Bring on Daddy Dexter!

Michael C. Hall, like always, is more than you could hope for from the literary Dexter Morgan character.

I’m wondering what is going to make up for the lack of Doakes. Is Jimmy Smits enough? And Deb is trying to be more professional this season, so I am really not going to get my fill of hilarious swearing.

Every single shot in frame is stunning and the music is great, as always.

Our favorite monster is turning more and more into a man. Are we ready for that?

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