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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Witches' Night

Review by Matt

After being left at the alter at his Halloween weekend wedding, Jim's friends decide to take him on a camping trip to get away from reality for a bit. Booze, canoes and an unplanned meeting of four hot women seem to be doing the trick...at first. When the guys realize that these women aren't all that they seem, things start going very wrong.

I did really enjoy this film. It had a classic 70's horror feel to it and brought a few things back that aren't seen in mainstream horror these days: a good story and character development. There isn't tons of gore, but the suspense of what will happen next kept my interest through out the entire film. I would highly recommend picking up the special edition DVD with bonus features including 2 special making of Witches' Night featurettes, deleted scenes and a 'catching up with Evil Dead's Betsy Baker' interview. Visit
www.witchesnight.com for more information.

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