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Sunday, August 24, 2008


Review by Ray

When I pressed play to watch Dimension Extreme's latest Croc Gone Wild film, the first thing I noticed was the cinematography. This was the most lush footage I've seen in quite a while, and it made me want to go on a river tour of Australia myself.

As time went on we were introduced to our key players, and I have to say they took the time to develop the characters enough to establish who you wanted eaten and who you didn't, maybe too much time. It was about 35 minutes until we got into any real action. I think this may be a little too long for the average horror fan to take.

Once we got into it and were ready for more, it slowed again. The Croc effects were awesome but I would have like to see more. The acting was above what I was expecting but overshadowed what I was actually wanting to see. A big ass crocodile ravaging tourists to the point of oblivion.

If this was the Unrated version, I'm glad I saw this first. The film had it's high tension moments but if your expecting a fast paced, high action blood fest you may want to go straight for Lake Placid.

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